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Award Winning Vision!

Automation Systems and Controls has been recognised in Europe for their work with Machine Vision Systems.

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Looking to upgrade product that is beyond manufacture and repair period? Speak to us for the right guidance on complete or transitional upgrades.

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Products constitute just a minor portion of an ASC sale. Prompt service, excellent stock availability, industry best solutions and attractive pricing culminate to provide you with every competitive advantage. Most importantly, if you have a problem, we are committed to making it right.

Cognex Machine Vision Systems

Automation Systems and Controls (ASC) are Australia's Cognex Machine Vision System Gold Automation Service Provider and distributor of Cognex Machine Vision Systems. We provide industry best machine vision system project management, professional support services, sales, and regular delivery of machine vision learning programs.

Cognex are number one in machine vision around the world. Coupled with ASC's combined 25 years of machine vision application experience and award winning support, you are assured to always achieve successful, repeatable and reliable machine vision solutions.

Cognex offers the widest range of VISION and ID products available from a single source. Companies throughout the world use Cognex systems to improve product quality, reduce manufacturing costs, and track parts on their production lines. All Cognex products incorporate innovative technology that has led the world since 1981, and are universally recognized as offering the highest accuracy, reliability, and performance. With more than half a million systems installed worldwide, inspecting billions of products every day, Cognex helps manufacturers operating in all industry sectors isolate defective parts, optimize production processes, and implement full traceability programs.

Using Cognex vision can dramatically reduce waste by detecting process errors early, before thousands of items have to be scrapped. With Cognex vision, you can inspect 100% of your products, and ensure that your shipments are defect free.

Cognex In-Sight® vision systems are unmatched in their ability to inspect, identify and guide parts. These self-contained, industrial grade vision systems combine a library of advanced vision tools with high-speed image acquisition and processing. Best of all, configuring and deploying an In-Sight vision system has never been easier.

  • Simple-to-follow EasyBuilder® configuration software helps users of all experience levels to quickly setup their entire In-Sight application—no programming or spreadsheet knowledge required.
  • The Cognex Connect™ suite of communications capabilities ensures that In-Sight vision systems easily integrate with any factory network or automation control system.
  • The VisionView® operator display panel provides a "plug-and-go" solution, a PC software version as well as a VGA adapter for monitoring the runtime operation of any In-Sight vision system on the network.

Available in a wide range of models to meet any price and performance requirement, In-Sight vision systems set the standard for automated inspection and product quality assurance across a wide range of industries.

In-Sight 7000 – Features powerful vision tools, autofocus, faster image capture, integrated lighting and lens and the capability to power and control a range of external lighting—all in a compact, industrial IP67 package that makes the system ideal for more applications than ever before. 
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In-Sight Micro – The world’s smallest all-in-one vision systems also deliver world-class performance. These ultra-compact vision systems are ideal for robot guidance applications or anywhere mounting space is tight. In-Sight Micro Series models are available in a range of performance levels and tool sets (including color models) to allow you to match the right model to your needs.
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In-Sight 5000 – The unprecedented vision power and extreme ruggedness of the best-selling In-Sight 5000 Series is helping thousands of manufacturers around the world improve productivity, ensure product quality and lower manufacturing costs. There are more than 15 In-Sight 5000 models to choose from for general, color, line scan, high resolution and identification applications. Two important additions to the product range include the 5 MP (megapixel) In-Sight 5605 vision system with a high resolution imager for the ultimate standalone vision system and the high speed In-Sight 5604 1K line scan model.
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The In-Sight® Product Guide provides an excellent introduction and overview of our Cognex machine vision offering. Please download it via the link below.


Where you require additional information or would like to discuss a project specification, our friendly and skilled staff invite you to contact us.

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Machine vision is not just about cameras. Also contributing to successful and reliable solutions are lighting, lensing and application experience. For this reason we distribute leading brands to compliment our Cognex solutions.


  • Fujinon
  • Computar
  • MidWest Optical Filters
  • Navitar
  • Tamron


  • Spectrum Illumination
  • Smart Vision Lights
  • CCS America
  • Advanced Illumination
  • TPL Vision
  • NER
  • StockerYale